Max safe temps for an Nvidia GTX 570?

My basic specs

Core i7 2600K @ 4.5 ghz
PNY GTX 570 1.25 GB DDR5
8 GB DDR3 GSkill Ripjaws 1600mhz RAM
NZXT Tempest EVO case
LG Glossy Anti Glare 23" monitor 1920 x 1080

My GPU idles around 35-40 C but whenever playing anything graphically intensive, like Crysis, Modern Warfare 2,or even running Unigine Heaven 2.1, the temps can hit the mid 80s C. Is that getting into a dangerous temp range for this card?

Also, if I use MSI Afterburner to set a manual fan speed of 50-60%, it will drop temps somewhat (by 5-10 C). Is it ok for the GPU fan to be set at higher speeds for a longer duration of time?
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    Those temps are within acceptable ranges, i'd worry if it started cranking over 95C, which is still within safe operating temps if i recall.

    And it's totally fine to run the fan at higher speeds all the time, i did it with my 8800GTS for 3ish years and it's still going at about 55% fan speed.
  2. +1^ Temps are fine and running a higher fan speed won't do any harm, it can only be a good thing.
  3. +1 get msi afterburner and change fan speeds. id run it, then play your game and go back out and look to see if the fan is getting near 100%. cards these days need to hit near 95C before the default fan profile will kik into 100%. i think that is too high, so i set my own fan profile.
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