How much could i sell for?

hello i would like to sell my pc in order to upgrade.
I was wonderind how much i could get for it?

It comes with a black 17" crt, keyboard and mouse.

The spec's are as follows:
E6500 cpu
gigabyte g31 motherboard
4gb ddr2 ram
8500gt video card(might not be able to sell this)
160gig hard drive
samsung dvd drive
300w psu
case included.

This is a full setup without windows. I plan to include 2 games, turok and just cause.
My target is $350, is this realistic?

Thank you for reading this and thank you for helping me in any way.
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  1. Maybe, but not if it will not boot up with an OS. People need to see the computer boot; even if you only have an old copy of XP installing it will seal the deal. I have sold old PCs at garage sales at a premium because I had them running and connected to the Internet for people to actually test drive.
  2. No way $350.

    MAYBE $200
  3. ok, thanks guys, i have a copy of xp somewhere, i sort of new that i wouldn't be able to sell it for that mutch... But thats how much i need for my upgrade.
    @geekappro, i know this is off topic, but how is that i3 performing? Is it worth it, because then i could lower the price, seeing as it costs 50 dollars less than the i5
  4. You could also install linux on there, to show them it does stuff it comes with all sorts of programs. Of course when come come back complaining it doesn't install their windows programs remind them of your no refund policy ^_^
  5. hahaha, that sounds like a really good idea:) it's for a good cause(by good cause i mean getting a sandy bridge cpu motherboard and ram ofcourse:)) too bad that i wont be able to get 350 for it...
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