3x 12v rail for a gtx 580

Hello im getting a zotac gtx 580 amp2 for my sistem now i have the problem of power supply, i have a power supply that states it has 3x 12v rails 15a, 17a, 17a and it also states its a 1200w will this be able to support this card?

i have a i5 2500k, 1hd ,1 dvd reader, and 8gb veangence crosair ram at 1600hz
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  1. What power supply do you have? 1200W and 3 12V rails with those current ratings makes no sense so if you could provide the make and model it would help make a bit more sense.
  2. its called omega its a latin american product i belive, it has 3x 12v rails and the amp on those rails are 15a, 17a, 17a
  3. its crap at best its a 400watt psu
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