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Will this motherboard work with this build?

Hi there, I've been putting together a gaming build and the only problem I have left is the motherboard.

Will the Asus P8Z68-V Pro GEN3 work with this build ?

I am aware that there is no GPU present in it. I'm going to get the GTX 680 when it comes back into stock, I'll be using my current ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB in the meantime.

One last thing. I've been told to get the Z68 chipset, why is that?
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    The Z68 chipset is the best one with all the features among LGA1155 motherboards. Personally I think a P67 is enough for mostly everyone but if you can afford that motherboard I say go ahead
  2. Pairing a i7-2600 CPU with a Z68 or P67 chipset is illogical. A i7-2600k is a better choice since both chipsets can be OCd, as can the i7-2600k but not the i7-2600.
  3. Noworldorder makes a very good point. The K CPU's are for overclocking so it makes sense in either getting a Z68/P67 chipset or just buy the non K version if you're not going to overclock
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