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Wireless sharing to switch, plausible/possible?

The Problem: I have my router at one location of the house, and computer/box that are located on the other side of the house. Some of these items I cant use a Wireless adapter for, or I would have to buy more.

The Thought: I could have some sort of device, aka a simple computer, pick up the wireless and then share that connection to a switch that then connects the other devices.

Running ethernet is not an option as I do not have permission to run cables in the walls.

What I'm not sure of what would the best kind of machine to do this, or even if its a good idea or not.

What I am hoping is that any of you either have had a similar situation or ideas or comments on if something like this would even work out.

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    If I understand your situation properly, you would be best served by a wireless network extender, such as one of these:

    You can also setup a wireless access point on the end where your devices are and use the AP to connect to the wireless network. Here is a very inexpensive one:
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