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So I have been shopping around for a new case for my i7 2600k, 580 GTX rig and stumbled upon this case.

Sharkoon T9

It has front facing USB 3.0, is a full size case and has 3 fans. Granted the green is terrible and garish but I don't look at my case all that often other than standard maintenance so the colour doesnt really matter.

As far as I can see, it's a bargain for what it is since it looks to have better airflow than the Antec 300 which is the only other case at that price range that I would consider but since the case isn't a major bran, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this specific brand or model.

If anyone knows of any cases that can match this within a £15 upper limit then show them but it has to fit a 580 GTX and most likely a Hyper 212+.

Also looking at buying an XFX Black 750w PSU and wanted to know who specifically makes the PSU since I know it isn't actually made by XFX, just branded as such. I mean it has a Silver efficiency rating so it is probably a reliable PSU at any rate.
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  1. You bought the 580? If not get a HD 6970, it's only slightly slower and much cheaper.
  2. mosox said:
    You bought the 580? If not get a HD 6970, it's only slightly slower and much cheaper.

    As much as I appreciate the statement, I'm not really looking for an opinion on the GPU. The case is the main issue and to a lesser extent the PSU. The 580 GTX is just a future plan at this point and I may not even buy a new GPU for this rig until Radeon releases their next gen cards since I heard they are floating around September/October.

    So has anyone actually heard of Sharkoon? I have looked around and I can't see any reviews saying they are BAD but none that say they are amazing. The airflow is a major issue currently since if I DO get the 580 GTX I know they require a decent airflow and I would like some headroom in regards to overclocking.
  3. They make good Case Fans so I guess they should know a bit about cooling.

    The included fans should also be pretty good so no need to worry about swapping them out.

    Otherwise the case looks quite nice and is reasonably priced.

    I'd go for it.
  4. i have a sharkoon rebel9 value, and it looks like the t9 with a different front face. it is fun to work with.

    the only down side is that it only has 3 3.5 to 5.25 adapters for hard drives, (you can only put 3 hard drives unless you but additional adapters.
  5. So noone can advise whether this would be a better case than the Antec 300? I can't remember if I mentioned that this was the main competition for the Sharkoon. I mean the lack of airflow onto the processor/cooler is a little bit of an issue if I plan to overclock.

    Also saved some MAJOR cash on the 580 GTX and i7 2600k so I could possibly even go for a 932 or HAF X but those are only a end of the road cases.
  6. i haven't seen an antc 300 yet, i am also thinking of buying the t9, i would suggest, get the sharkoon, use the money you save to buy a noctua nh-d14 and an extra noctua 140mm fan, and you are all set for cpu cooling. just my opinion
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