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My gaming PC has a Antec Three Hundred computer case. The case works just fine, the only down side is its very noisy, heavy, and collects a lot of dust and dog hair which makes its way inside the case. I'm looking to replace it a more quite, light weight, case that keeps dust out. I don't do any overclocking and don't plan on doing it any time soon since my computer is still running great on the highest setting for most games. So there is no need to have a case that keeps my computer super cool, just cool enough to support a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and an intel i7 920. Any recommendations?
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  1. most of the gaming cases supports up to three graphic cards ..if there is excess of heat in ur cabinet i will decrease ur graphic cards performance as the heat goes up in ur card the performance decreases .. i suggest u cooler master advance CM 690 II Plus ADVANCE..coz it is a good cooling case
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    That case is very well cooled. If you get a less cooled case, you may end up with a even louder system. By the way, the case, doenst make noise, what makes noise are the case fans and your hardware fans.

    So I suggest you exchange the fans, take a look at

    and possibly get a watercooled system or

    a nice place to find the items

    If you want to look at another cases,
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