Should I change my display??

I have HP E2220 2.4 duel proc it uses onboard display Intel(R)G33/G31 I think it says 256mb enabled ok anyway I got given a Nvidia GeForce 8400GS Gigabyte card but I think it is 512mb...should I use this or the onboard display...sorry it seems a dumb question but I'm hesitant to break up a set package
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  1. Need to know you computer model, PSU wattage and if possible whether it's a 8400GS original or rev 2.
  2. I'm not sure what u need but on back it has N14180....D33006....-NX84S512HP and a serial # I think, a couple of bar codes with that any good? a PSU wattage? no seperate power source
  3. it sort of orange colour plastic cover says Gigabyte
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    For the PSU you have to open the case and read the sticker on the side.

    If you have enough power to run it, it would be very wise to install it.
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