9600gt performance issue

My friend has a 9500gs and I had an extra 9600gt laying around. I plugged it in, uninstalled the driver, ran the guru3d driver cleaner, installed the newest drivers from nVidia and his fps is now about 1/4 what it use to be. He use to get ~40fps in wow, and now with the exact same settings, he's getting 8-10fps.

Win7x64 i5 3.2ghz 8gb of ram

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. lol weird. have you tried different drivers?
  2. I have not yet. Anyone have any suggestions for older drivers?

    P.S. the 9500gs works just fine with the newest drivers.
  3. my GTS250 got screwed up in crysis when i'm using 256 family driver. revert back to 197.45 and everything back to normal. good thing with latest drivers is you got new support for new games but sometimes it broke previous support. that's why some people will only update their drivers when there is new improvement or added feature for the games that they actually play.
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