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Best gaming graphics card for under 100 bucks

i am looking for the best possible graphics card i can get to edit movies and play some games for under 100 buks???
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  1. what country you from?
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  3. iam2thecrowe said:
    what country you from?

  4. Either the 4850 or 5770.

    4850 $100=$70 MIR + Free Shipping

    5770 $130=$100 after MIR + Free Shipping

    Both perform around the same area but the 5770 has some more features.5770 has DX11 support and consumes less power.

    What power supply do you have?(make/model)
  5. Well then since your in Canada prices may get a little more steep.But not to bad.

    Vapor X 5770.Basicly the same version of the 5770 listed above,just seems this versoin is cheaper.

    The 4850 however is the same price

    Those links are Canada friendly.
  6. 4850<5770 - get a 5770
  7. What power supply do you have?(make/model)
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