Gaming PC for WoW Dedicated Physics card usage and reassurance

I want to build a setup for playing world of warcraft as my current setup manages the game but when recaording or streaming its letting me down .
There are a few things that Im pretty set on buying however if Im making any major mistakes please inform me. I want to be spending around £500 for the entire thing.

Ive heard a lot of good things about this and is where my build starts.

Decent brand for a decent price.

Again decent brand with heat sinks.

This is where it gets tricky. I was originally going to buy this motherboard

Which would work just fine and buy this GPU
XFX HD 6850

This is what I was set on buying a few days ago.

However, Ive been reading around and apparently I can use my old gtx 260 (current card) as a dedicated physics card. This would have me buy this motherboard as it has PCI Express x16 slotsx2.

Although I do not know if its worth doing this as the gtx 460 is considered slight worse than the 6850 (according to passmark –g3d). And the extra cost of a different mobo and higher power usage.
Im assuming I cant use an ati card with a gtx 260 for physics hence thinking about a gtx 460. But I dont know.

To sum up
Is my original build a better/simpler option?
Is it worth getting a dedicated physics card being that it’s a gtx260
If I were to use my 260 as a dedicated physics card would I need to buy a gtx over an ati?
Can I generally improve my build anywhere?

Thanks a lot for your time and help
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  1. Unless you REALLY want PhysX, It's not worth it. Most games don't support it

    I'd say original Build.
    Dedicated Physics Card? Nope, not worth it. If you really wanted extra performance, you should just SLI.

    I believe I read somewhere you can use mods to support PhysX on Radeon cards
  2. Physx and SLI will not run well at all on WoW. For wow a good fast quad core cpu and a decent GPU is all you need. The card you have with the CPU you chose will max WoW out nicely.
  3. SLI for WOW is a waste of money. Do not listen to CruelAngels, get a decent video card... and pending on your native resolution on your monitor; that will be a deciding factor on your video card.

    Decent CPU (2500k is quality choice), and a good GPU (i'd go with a 460).
  4. WoW really isn't that demanding. I run a 3.0 ghz PhenomII X4 945 and a 6850 and get 60 fps at all times on ultra with 2xAA, and i am sure i could turn it up more. My resolution is only 1600:900, but i haven't lost a frame in even 25 man raids.....cept for that one pull...but thats a whole different story.
  5. So all in all, I should go for the original build with the gtx 460. As for maybe having an over spec'ed pc I plan to fraps and stream quite a lot hence the need for something higher spec than my current pc.

    Thanks again for all your help. Its not nice buying something such as a pc pretty much blind.
  6. Please list name of components. Links are nice if we want to check something but if ya gonna give one or the other, names rather than links is preferred.

    WoW is an anomaly in that SLI doesn't really help it much. Two of my sons have SLI rigs and though it's a great help in other games, when they played WoW, they turned it off. If you have SLI, dedicated PhysX is generally not necessary. To my eyes, the effects add a great level of realism to the games that support it, but you don't need a dedicated card unless you looking for that last 2% of fps or have an ATI card and wanna see what ya missing. If I had a 2560 x 1600 display, I'd use ATI cards in CF w/ a dedicated $60 PhysX card.

    Where a dedicated PhysX card generally comes into play is when ya upgrading a puter, ya have a GFX card in ya old system .... rather than getting $30 or so on ebay, it can be of much more value to you as a dedicated PhysX card.

    The 260 you have is way way more than ya need for PhysX. A GT220 is more than enough for PhysX.

    However, WoW is not a game that plays well on ATI cards so PhysX or no, I'd grab an nVidia card. My suggestion would be to sell the 260 and add that money to ya pool of money and spring for a 900MHz 560

    As for PhysX in other games, forget what I or anybody else thinks of the experience and watch this:

    As to your build, I'd upgrade to a 750 watter so you could do SLI in future, WoW won't benefit but other games will.

    Corsair TX750

    For the rest of your build .....

    RAM - Ya wanna buy your RAM in matched pairs, not single sticks; 8 GB DDDR3-1600 recommended:

    MoBo - I think you want the P67 chipset not the H67
    P8P67-M Pro w/ SLI/CF capability
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