Help me chose a good gpu!

i was going to buy a hd 5770 for my new gaming rig. i want my rig to be future proof so i want to buy a better gpu. so i chose the following cards.

GTX 260 896MB
HD 6850 1GB
GTX 460 1GB
HD 5830

i am on a tight budget.. thats why i chose the hd 5770. i was saving some money to buy a pc steering wheel.... as it is not compulsory for pc gaming now im going to invest the saved money for the steering wheel to a good gpu! :) so please help me to chose a good gpu. [:briovaz:2]
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  1. Dude what is your power supply? Actually, list all of your current components right now
  2. Assuming the rest of your rig is o.k I'd say go for the 6850 or 460 1GB. I say go with the 6850. The GTX260 is the slowest of the bunch while the 5830 is the second slowest and uses the most power.
  3. my full specs are as follows :
    amd phenom ii xa 955 be
    asrock 870 extreme 3
    600 watt psu
    4 gigs of ram
    500 gb hard disk

    and im going to buy a 18.5 lcd monitor!
  4. What is the brand of the PSU?

    I'd also say the 6850.
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    I third the ALL MIGHTY HD6850!
  6. thanx. a rosewill or an antec psu!
  7. Rosewill PSUs are not very good. Antec makes high end PSUs though. Antec, OCZ, Corsair, PC Power (OCZ took over PC Power), Seasonic, and XFX are all solid PSUs. (XFX PSUs are Seasonic PSUs relabeled)
  8. ok. i'll keep that in mind.
  9. I would keep with what I posted as solid PSUs. Like this one, they call it a 600w, but it is really a 700w: I own, so I know that it is quite too.
  10. What is your budget? Here is a pretty good combo that would fit nicely into what you already have:

    Combo 6780 + PSU :bounce:
  11. I would do what Embra said. it sounds like a really good deal.
  12. k. i'll consider buying the ocz one! one last question! im going to use a 18.5' or a 19' monitor. so is it a waste to buy a 6850 play games at this resolution? i think the hd 5770 can max out any game at this resolution?
  13. Well, what is the resolution? You only told me the actual screen size. Screen size is MUCH different than resolution. You could have a 32" monitor running @ 800x600 and max out everything perfectly with a hd4870. I would get a hd6850 anyway. On my 1280x1024 monitor I can completely max out BF:BC2 with all high settings, x8AA (max), and x16 AF (max). i am using a hd6850. It will be more future proof plus in DX 11 games. It is a great card. Btw, I get around 45~60FPS with BF:BC2 Maxed out.
  14. sorry... 1280x1024!
  15. im not going to buy from new egg, because they dont ship to sri lanka. and pc hardware prices are very high in srilanka. a hd 6850 would cost about 252.29$ here.
    if i dont get a 6850 for a good price i will buy a hd 5770. :(
    will the 5770 be able to max out crysis ay 1280x1024 resolution?
  16. At that res. it will come down to the CPU to handle the res. and the GPU will do all the rest. That is why i get such good FPS in BF:BC2 is because my CPU take over the res., and my GPU does all the rest of the AA, AF, etc. I think you might be able to play with AA down, or off. If I were you, I would get the hd6850. It is worth it. Maybe look at ebay. You could get it for ebay prices. like this: That would be good, for a really low price too.
  17. they wont ship that 6850 to sl. i found a xfx 6850. which is also cheap. i asked the seller about the warranty period as it is not given in the description.
    i have to do more research in sl on the hd 6850 though.
  18. can you tell me the second best choice instead of the hd 6850?
  19. GTX 460 1gb.
  20. oh yeah definitely!!!! what was i thinking!!!
  21. Yeah, so if you cannot get the hd6850 get the GTX 460 1gb.
  22. i found a new gtx 460 for 174.99$ including shipping from a site called! do you have experience with this website? they give a 1 year warranty too. and their is an online shipping calculater in that site, and the shipping cost is very cheap. but im not sure wether its accurate or not. please can you check on it? thanx!
  23. I have never looked at, but I would say go ahead and get it. What is your MoBo? There are some hd4870s there for only $100. Maybe two of those is CF. If you have the money a CF board, two hd4890s.
  24. i would go for a sngle card rather than cf! im on a tight budget! thanx for your help!
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  26. No problem. ;)
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