Msi p67a-g45 PCIE slot question

hello all, so let me start by saying i built my computer with i would guess general knowledge of how a pc works and tried to do as much research as possible. however i can not figure out if the top PCIE slot on the board (closest to cpu) is the 16x or the 8x. I am not really sure if that will limit a GPU to the point or really noticing a difference or what.

please help.

system is

i7-2600k factory clocks with hyper 212 evo cooler
msi p67a-g45 mobo
antec 750w psu, can get further info if needed
HIS HD 7970 stock clocks
8GB g.skill ram ddr3
1TB HDD 64MB cache
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  1. Yes, all the expansion slots are always numbered starting with the one closest to the CPU. So the PCIe slot closest to the CPU is the first. The first PCIe slot is always the full bandwidth (X16) slot.
  2. thank you for the reply, that is the slot i have it installed in. i was unsure of which one it was. thanks for the clarification.
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