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How to verify that my ram is PC3-12800


I'm not too up on memory-speak but I'm trying to verify if my ram is PC3-12800 or not.

In CPU-Z it says its max bandwidth is PC3-8500F but its part number (OCZ3G1600LV2G) says its clearly PC3-12800. Am I just reading this info incorrectly?

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  1. Hi there,

    Get Speccy to double check, as the CPU-Z might be wrong (do u have the latest version?).
  2. Speccy seems to think the same thing as cpu-z

    -- Mark
  3. Where did u get it Mark?

    Someone may have swapped the RAM sticks.
  4. Pretty sure it was Newegg. This was a couple years back...
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    What MB? Maybe the motherboard doesn't support that speed of RAM.
    Also, look at this:
  6. Its an Asus should support up to DDR3-2000.
    I started messing around with some of the settings in bios -- adjusting based on the specs on OCZ's website. I haven't upped the voltage yet; its still around 1.5v.
    I set the frequency to 1600mHz
    timings to 8-8-8-24
    Everything started up fine but the settings were the same when I looked at speccy or cpu-z.
  7. Upping the voltage gets it to the right frequency. its at about 1.64v right now. It'll never explicitly say its DDR3-1600 in cpu-z but i ran memtest and all is well.

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