Deciding on a wireless router to buy ?D-Link DGL-4500?

I had my heart set on the D-Link DGL-4500 when it was on sale for $120 at Amazon, but now its more like $160. So I was considering changing my option. Or I could get it refurbed for $120. Are refurbishment routers alright?

After doing some looking around, I realize that most of you will suggest that I buy a WRT54GL and put DDWRT firmware on it. I understand this is good, but would I need the better hardware specifications in a higher end router such as the DGL-4500? I live in the dorms, and we need (i understand a hub is required) 6 or 7 wired connections, and there will be a few laptops running off of the wireless a floor below (through a foot or two of concrete). So I am demanding a router that will put up with what we will want to put it through, as I'm looking to make a solid investment because my current routers are a joke . For the most part, I really want to prioritize gaming bandwidth on 2 PC's, and 2 Xbox's over other network traffic. I want something that will fully utilize the internet speed i get from my ISP, will last me a reasonable amount of time, and be reliable and not crap out on me.

Is the DGL-4500's hardware specs better over WRT54GL enough to make it worth spending the extra ~~$60?? Or is there another router some of you might suggest? Thank you all for your time.

Also, what about
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