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how to know power specs for different components like hard disk, ram, processor, dvdw etc.???
is there any program or software??
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  1. Unfortunately you have to calculate this yourself by going to each of the hardware's website... Use softwares like these to know exactly what hardware you have installed in your rig:



    PC Wizard
  2. Its hard to know exact power specs for them, software cannot tell you how much they are using either. Most power estimates are ball parks for full load, idle is harder to guess at but also much less important normally.

    Assume your CPU uses as much power as its TDP says at full load(65W, 95W, 125W, etc), about 10W for each hard drive and optical drive when under use, im not sure on the power consumption of ram itself, i know it varies depending on if its DDR2 or DDR3 and that its fairly low regardless, so i usually just include it in my 50W estimate for the board and other integrated components.
  3. Several sites have power calculators where you plug in your components and you get an estimate of the power needed.

    I do the same thing that hunter does. I sort of estimate, based on real measurements I did one time, what the power consumption should be.

    When compared to my Kill-A-Watt power meter, my estimates tend to be about 10% high.
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