Will this Mobo work with an Nvidia Graphics Card?

I am searching for a new Motherboard that will work with my existing system. I currently am having too many issues with my Gigabyte M68MT-S2 and want to replace it. I have the AMD FX4100 CPU. I also have an EVGA GTX 460 SC. I do not want to replace any other components. Will this mobo work with the Nvidia Graphics?


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    The brand of graphics card doesn't matter so long as you have a PCIe slot. So yes, it will.
  2. yeah!, it will work great with your current hardware. That's a nice chipset! I have the same chipset but on this mobo paired with a phenom IIx6 @4GHZ 8GbDDR3 @ 1753MHz and HD5770 @ stock & everything %100 stable !
  3. Yes the Nvidia card will work with the motherboard. However if you plan on SLI in the future it will not work. The motherboard is only set up for ATI Crossfire tech.
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  5. Awesome guys, thanks! I don't plan on doing SLI. It's my wifes computer. She only plays games like Alice Madness Returns so I think the 460 is enough. I can just upgrade her to a 7970 or similar in the future if needed.

    I was worried about it cause the only board I could find with an Nvidia chipset is the one I have and it keeps underclocking the CPU under load. So I am getting it refunded and getting this one. :)

    Thanks again!!
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