Bad BIOS Flash

I accidentaly flashed the wrong bios for my ASUS p8z68 v le motherboard and now it won't post.
I have cleared CMOS and did the jumper thing but it didn't work.The manual says to just put in the motherboard support cd in and it will activate the asus crash free utility but it didn't work.
Should I just boot with no cpu to reset it?
Please help.
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  1. Trying to boot with no processor won't work. Have you tried re-flashing it with the correct BIOS?
  2. Once you corrupt your BIOS you are screwed. Does you MB have a SPI header near the BIOS chip? You can use SPIPGM2.exe to load new BIOS but it is not easy.
    I made a youtube video of how to fix with download links:
    Report back your success.
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