Motherboard USB and Audio Pin connection help needed

Hey everyone. So recently I bought a new CPU cooler that required me to take my entire motherboard out from my pc chase to install. So I do that and connect everything back. But I have 1 problem, which is that my USB and audio pins are dead confusing, the names on the pins dont seem to correspond with the names on given on the manual of my motherboard.
The USB front panel extension consists of 2x USB slots and 1x Audio and 1x Mic input. Even the audio and mic inputs are confusing.

Front Panel Audio:

The layout of my motherboards pins can be seen here

Those which are connected to the front panel of the audio slots however are:

Green Wire - Spkout R

White Wire - Spkout L

Grey Wire - Spkout L

Blue Wire - Return L

Black Wire - Ground

Peach Wire - Mic In

Yellow Wire - Mic BIAS

The layout of my motherboards USB front panel connections looks like this

Those which are connected to the front panel of the USB slots however are:

Red Wire - +VCC

Yellow Wire - -D

Green Wire - +D

Black Wire - Ground

There are 2 sets of cables, one of USB front panel slot on and the other for USB front panel slot 2.
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  1. If they were originally plugged in to their respective motherboard headers and working, why are you hesitant of plugging them back in now?
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