Gddr and ddr

Hi there,

say my mobo is equipped with ddr3 but i want a gddr5 graphics card does that work with each other?
And could some explain what the eyefinity card does exactly??.

Thank you
Reguards Rhys
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  1. The DDR on your Motherboard makes no differance to what Vram or Memory is on your Graphics card you could use a card with any type of memory you liked. The two are not linked and dont have to match.

    Mactronix :)
  2. It works fine.

    GDDR5 is simply the type of memory the graphics card uses for it's on board calculations. It's a graphical iteration of the DDR standard, works a lot faster than typical DDR memory found on motherboards in the main system to provide large bandwidth to the GPU for parallel calculations.

    But yes, as long as you have a PCI-E x16 slot on your motherboard (unless its REALLY old, then the answer to that is yes), your graphics card will work just fine.
  3. Yes, they will work just fine together.
    The system memory and graphics card memory are completely separate things.

    Eyefinity allows you to run up to 6 displays from recent AMD GPU's at the same time.
    You can choose to configure them as individual displays or as a single large surface display.
  4. Sorry for the double post, but i only just saw that question about eyefinity!

    Eyefinity is the name ATI gives to cards than can support multiple monitors. A typical ATI card will support Eyefinity up to 3 monitors, the higher end ones can support up to 6.

    So basically, you have 3 monitors, plug one in via the graphics card's DVI port, one through the HDMI port and the last one through either the DisplayPort or the D-Sub port (more likely to be DisplayPort). You will then get a triple monitor display off one graphics card.
  5. yeh im looking at the high end eyefinity range for my tv and 3 computer screens
  6. thank you for the reply
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