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Hello all,

I am looking to find a motherboard with some specific specs. I would like to have a board that is XL-ATX form factor, LGA 2011 cpu, has at least 7 PCIe slots, and have those slots span all 9 expansion slots in my case. Or if you know of an LGA 2011 board that has 9 PCIe slots then that would be great too.

I would prefer the first two slots to be double wide so I may run SLI and still be able to utilize the remaining 5 slots for a raid card, sound card, DVR card ect., or anything else I can imagine to use them for.

I would like this because I am building a long term rig that can do everything in one computer and will be expandable for the future. I will be using AutoCAD Inventor, Playing games, recording and editing video, and a file server all in one PC. I know that this sounds like a lot but I wont be doing all of them at the same time of course.

Thank you all for your time,
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  1. still looking for a motherboard
  2. I have done research.
  3. Your question is out of my league but ! Why do you need a raid card when new MB have 2 SATA3 contorller both capable of seperate raid and a SATA2 Controller with raid also? Sound is built in too, maybe you need that for recording. Your answer may help me even if this does not help you. I have AutoCad, wish I had Inventor.

    I'll bet not engough SATA ports with only two per controller.
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