Ati Radeon 4890(C3d Zerotherm) screen garbeled

Hello, I have a problem.
My screen is garbeled.(little rips actually)and this happens always, when the card gets around 65 Celcius. It ran alot cooler, 44C@44%fanspeed when I had installed the proper ATI dirver, but after an update(windows), it gained +4 to 6C while idle. The garbeling did happen before the increase of idle temps. I dont know, maybe it was at 65-70C then.

What could be the problem?
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  1. You have described the problem yourself. You have a heat problem. It appears that you have an aftermarket heatsink fan (HSF) mounted on your GPU. It is possible that it is not mounted correctly. I suggest you remove the HSF, clean your surfaces, apply new thermal compound and carefully remount the HSF.

    An alternative solution would also be to remount the original HSF if you still have it.

    If you are overclocking the 4890, revert back to the stock settings until you resolve.

    Good luck!
  2. Well, the card came with the zerotherm cooler mounted. Im just wondering, if the heat has an issue with improper mounting, is it possible after proper mounting the heat issue still remains?

    What I forgot to mention is that I have 2 HDDs and a frontfan that blows air from the drives towards the card. But it did not have an issue before the update.

    I have tried installing older versions of CCC(I had 3870, passive radiator and catalyst 8.x installed) in attempt to revert driverissues(CCC9.x has had some issues with heating, but this has been traced to ATI bios settings.

    This card is a Club3d "OC" version with GPU clocked at 850, mem at 3,9ghz.

    I will try remounting the cooler and then, its a straight dive to software issues...
  3. first off, im sorry for such a lenghty time of silence...

    I took the cooler off, put some new paste on, smeared it evenly and my GPU temps dropped 2-4C @44%.

    But what I found out, was that I need vram heatsinks aswell. Because I have none. And so, my ram temps are constantly 4-5C hotter than gpu.

    now, I have a bit of a dilemma. Do I get a new cooler with vram sinks packed or should I frankenstine together some small heatsinks and se if there is any difference?

    The cooler Im refering is a alman VF1000 with vram heatsinks aswell.

    I do have a question about installing the ram sinks. I had an idea, that I would strip some thermal tape onto the ramchip, apply some grease and mount the sink. I mean, it would be easier to remove them, if necceary...and, theoretically, cooler aswell?
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