Cpu upgrade quad or core 2 duo

i want to change my pc but in low range what you guys will recomend e8400 core 2 duo or any quad 8xxx or 9xxx for gaming ?with ddr2 4gb ram 800bus speed
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  1. i would recommend that 4 years ago. But core 2 duo's are old. Get an AMD system Phenom 2 x4 955's are a good value quad core at the moment. That also allows you to get ddr3 which is faster and cheaper than ddr2.
  2. I recommend:
    Low budget Athlon x3
    Medium Budget i3 2100 or Phenom 955BE
    High Budget i5 2500K
    Unless you already have a 775 board and DDR2 RAM forget Core 2s.
  3. ok not going for c2d but in our country we dont have amd stores they have 0.01% market share its all intel here so now i think i3 2100 would be best choice
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