Which connection type for ati radeon 6870

I have a ATI radeon 6870. Which connection shall I use to my monitor for best performance HDMI, VGA or DVI-D?
I will be playing blu ray and high end games.

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  1. If your monitor has HDMI, use HDMI, i think it's the most elegant method. But they are all the same in giving 1080p to your monitor, just different methods of doing so.
  2. Great reply thanks, I read somewhere blu ray would have trouble playing across a VGA cable?
  3. Possibly, i'm not sure.

    I can't say i've tried.

    In terms of connection priority i would do something like this: HDMI > DVI-I > DVI-D > DVI-A > VGA

    So HDMI is top priority and it goes from there.
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