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Hello everyone,

Just built a system a few weeks ago which has been running great. However, this week I noticed some odd behavior. When I power on the computer, the fans spin, lights turn on, nothing on the screen, and it shuts off. Then 2 seconds later it starts up. My screen stays black (besides the asus logo, and press DEL to enter setup message) until suddenly I'm at my desktop. no windows loading screen or other bios messages.

I havent noticed the computer running any slower than usual, or any other side effects. Also, when I restart the computer sometimes it decides to shut down, then power back on.

My build is:

asus p8p67
i5 2500k w/ 212+
gtx 460
8gb 1333 ram
750w psu

I've tried reseating the ram and power cables. I've also checked that my bios is up to date.
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  1. small update,

    I have a second computer with the same specs as above (except w/ a gtx 570), and it is also experiencing the boot, shut off, boot cycle. However this one shows the bios messages and windows logo.

    windows 7 64 bit by the way
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