CM 212+, HAF 922 with 200mm side fan.... will it fit?

So i have a HAF 922 with a i5 2500k, and i wanted to replace the stock hsf with a coolermaster 212plus. but i'm just worried whether or not it will fit if i have the 200mm side fan in place? (its a intake to cool my gtx460)
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  1. i use the 212 plus cooler in a CM storm enforcer,but it is close to my clear side panel,another option is to remove the 200mm fan and install a smaller fan on the bottom of the side panel to cool your video card,i am not sure if the 200mm fan will touch the 212 cooler
  2. Is the 200mm side fan even necessary? I'd move it to the front as an intake and draw more cool air in that way.

    Because honestly I'm not sure if it will fit.(I keep getting HAF-X, HAF 912, HAF 922 clearances all confused in my head)
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