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Gaming System, advices?

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April 17, 2011 5:57:09 PM

Hi there, I would like to set a gaming pc up. I play the games 1920x1200 all enabled.I don't want to see any game under 40 fps.
Here is my setting , and if you think, there is a better part that i should replace, please do not hesitate to advice.

As a coller, i go for Megahelms + 2x fans. Will be OCing for 4.4.

And 2x HDD for raid 0.

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April 18, 2011 2:56:55 AM

The i7 2600K is nice but gaming can do fine on a i5 2500K (this chip OC's well and is about $100 cheaper). More than 4 cores for gaming is a waste until they come out with hex core games.

You can go with a single GTX 580 and save $500 for the time being. You can always get a second 580 & SLI it later. I don't think that there exists a game that would not do at least 40FPS on a single GTX 580.

The case I prefer is the Corsair 600T case, pleanty of space, toolless and good cooling for about $150.

I'd go for Corsair Dominator RAM. It is the current speed champ.

I'd buy a larger SSD, making sure it is sata 3 (the SSDs can use the broader bandwidth), and might even consider a raid 0 configuration of the sata 3 controllers (two 128 GB Crucial 300s or Plextors) which would be a speed burner. Two 256 GB SSDs would be even better

You can run 1 or 2 WD Caviar Blacks on the sata 2 channel (their performance will not suffer if they have enough RAM cache 32 or 64 MB).

The OCZ 1000W is a nice idea for future headroom.

I'd get a blue ray burner for an optical drive.

Nice build, but I'd try to work on the bottlenecks of disk access rather than overkill on the GPU.
April 18, 2011 1:18:43 PM

nice system go for it :) 
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April 18, 2011 2:43:42 PM

System is decent but for the cash you can have an blow you mind system for that money!

Instead of crucial solid state you could use this PCI Express one instead:

120 GD Revodrive Solid state:
This will give you enough room to even add some games on boot drive too.
Unless your extreme overclocking RAM is overkill.
Use this and you can overclock the ram 8GB G-Skillz DDR3 1600:
Reviews and benchmarks show Samsung F3 are just as fast as WD black drives so
two in RAID:
You definitely should upgrade the power supply so system doesn't get roasted.
Try this one from Corsair:
Unless video editing or intensive multitasking the 2500K will overclock well.
To hold the SLI try this case: HAF 942:

Good build. blu-ray could be this Liteon one?:

I hope these suggestions help.
April 18, 2011 5:15:47 PM

Thanks for advices, i am not also sure for PSU, so will be upgrading a bit, and blu ray is not a issue for me, I already have blu-ray writer/ reader etc.And Revodrive SSD looks really solid one.

About RAM: Yes i will be extermely overclocking , even thinking of water cooling solutions.

About Samsung F3 HDD's : i Don't really want to have that HDD as under brandname samsung, I did not have good experiences with Samsung before.WD or Seagate for me.

About the case HAF: It does not have front usb 3.0 support , or i did not see, otherwise i like the case.But i need 3.0 support at the front also.


Thanks for your advices too.

about SLI 580 GTX: I don't want to have a problem with BF3 also while online playing it.But i could wait untill BF3 released to get SLI.I think i will be getting 128 gb x2 SSD and will wait for SLI to get bf3.I will be doing Raid 0 wiht both HDD's,

Also if u even have better solutions, i might go over 3000 usd, like 3250 or something like that.