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Will be loaning a linksys wrt54g router to a friend. for the friend I will set it to allow the MAC address. I would also want to stop broadcasting the network.

He may want to allow access to others with a password. If broadcasting is stopped how would others find that network to connect to? Is this possible? Is there a feature in linksys routers to enter a network/SSID by name then enter a password?

Also, this is an opportunity to try remotey connecting to a router for administration. I have read that there is significant vunerability in this. I would ask what are the specific exploits and how can one mitigate any exposure?
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  1. Yes, you can configure the router to NOT broadcast the SSID, but it will slowdown the connection.

    Yes, you can set a password (Key Phrase) to protect the wireless network by having everybody who wants to access the wireless have to know/enter the Key Phrase.

    Yes remote access to manage the router is available.
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