Going to be upgrading in the next month or two

I am upgrading in the next few months and wondering what I should upgrade to for the best value for the price.

My current PC:

Case: Ultra m923
Power: Ultra 650-Watt
MotherBoard: nForce 680i SLI
CPU: Intel Q6600 3.2 Ghz
RAM: 6GB PC2-6400 800Mhz
Videocard: PNY GeForce GTX 260 216
Monitor: Acer 22" Widescreen LCD DVI (1680 * 1050)

I was wondering what would be the best upgrade to do for the $600-700 range.

I would prefer suggestions from www.newegg.ca

Also, what do you think would be a reasonable price to sell my Mobo/Ram/CPU/GPU for?
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  1. As for selling your parts, how much is a three year old cpu/motherboard worth, in my eye's about $100. 6gb of ram another $50, video card $100. You might be able to get 300-350 for the set if you find someone gullible.

    For $600-700 you will be getting maybe 10-15% higher frames then if you bought just a $200 video card. If you buy a $350 video card then you will have higher or equal frames as if you upgraded your whole system.

    Check out the conclusion section of this article.
  2. For gaming, you almost can’t beat the Intel® Core™ I5 2500K matched up with a good P67 chipset based board. The price on the 2500K is very attractive and the performance that you can get from it without even overclocking simply put can’t be beaten. Once you start to overclock it you will be very happy that you picked up this processor.

    Christain Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. So the better idea right now is to pick up a card like the GTX 570, and a good cpu cooler so I can overclock my Q6600 is a better idea than spending the money to do a whole upgrade. At least in the short term?
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