Problems with my new build

I just built a 2500k system with
Asus p8p67 pro
2500k i5
8gb Gskill ripjaw series
Western Digital 1tb 7200 sata 3 hdd
Radeon 6950

I orginally had the samsung spin point f3 and the system seemed to be running sluggish with a fresh install of windows, WHich was odd to me so I changed out the hard drive and it runs better but still not what i expected. It does not seem as smooth as my old core 2 duo system, I am thinking maybe read/write problems because I have read about this with this board. I am considering Returning the board and going with the ud4. Anyone experience problems similar to this?I guess the best way to describe the issue would be opening programs there seems to be a decent delay between clicking them and it actually opening or I will open something and move on to multitask and the program will randomly open such as fire fox 30 seconds or so later.
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  1. Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences. Things just dont seem smooth if that makes sense.
  2. haha, i never met things like you~~
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