ASUS 8800GTS 320MB is it good dedicate for Nvidia PhysX

Please tell ASUS 8800GTS 320MB is it enough for dedicate as my NVIDIA PhysX card .,My main GPU is GTX 460 768MB
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  1. If you already one it or could land one for around $40-50 while having a decent cpu and psu then go for it. In mafia 2 it can make a big difference.

    GTX 460 1GB + 8800gt.
  2. I don't have any idea to change my GTX460 now, if i use ASUS 8800GTS for physx is it make any difference? performance wise?
  3. Yes it's a fine PhysX card but a little on the power hungry side compared to other newer cards of equal performance.

    It will definitely make a difference in PhysX accelerated games. All... 12 of them.
  4. In mafia 2 expect 15-25% load on the dedicated card while some areas are more intense. Just having the card there so long your cpu is good will give a nice boost in that game while others are different. For me that 8800gt was worth every penny and it beats paying $90 for a GT240 or $70 for a GT430.
  5. Mr.wolfram23 what you mean by power hungry? is it needs lot of power? i have ASUS 750W PSU?
  6. The G80 was never known to be efficient and often is a power hog. Heat is another downside while they often had caps that would easily break off if mishandled.
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