Does hyper threading require matched memory

I have an hp laptop. Shows 4 cores with a dual core machine. I purchased 2 4 gig chips for a matched pair. The 4 cores that show in the os, does that indicated that hyper threading is enabled?
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  1. The ram and the CPU are independent of each other. Hyperthreading does not care about the type or amount of ram you have.

    A dual core cpu will show as 4 cores in the device manager if HT is on. This is because each core can do 2 threads at once, so the operating system treats it the same as a 4 core CPU.

    "Control panel" then "system" should show you how much ram you have.
  2. Yes. HT is a CPU function and not a memory function. So, adding memory has nothing to do with whether the CPU supports HT. Sounds like you are good to go as configured.
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