More RAM or not

Hi my system set up is

vista ultimate 64bit
intel i7 960@ 3.2ghz (unclocked)
6gb corsair dominator gt 2000mhz DDR3
zotac gtx590
2 x 1TB WD black caviar in RAID0

My question is if i buy another 6gb kit of the same ram, will i notice a difference is game performance crysis 2, battlefield 3 etc..
some people who i have asked said you can have too much ram and getting twice as much wouldn't do anything, while others said that i would see a difference if only slight, and basically you can never have enough.

many thanks in advanced.
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  1. no you dont need more ram for gaming
    i would wait for the dual kepler and upgrade then :)
  2. The 6gb of ram you currently have is more than enough to play games, the only time you truly benefit (as in seeing a difference) from extra ram is when you run any developer/designing heavy memory using applications, like any 64-bit Adobe apps or AutoCADs.
  3. your rig from the looks of it doesn't need any upgrading at all man, nice rig BTW
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