Thermal Master, designed by Cooler Master?

I was at my local computer store yesterday and stumbled across a case called Themal Master TC-102.
On the side of the box it displays a Thermal Master - Designed by Cooler Master.
It comes with a 500w PSU which I'm gutting out to install in my sister's computer. And it costs only $41.99

I searched online for "Thermal Master" and Cooler Master sites pop up. But nothing about Thermal Master cases seem to exist.

Long story short, anyone heard of Thermal Master?
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  1. It would appear that "Thermal Master" is a tag they slapped onto a very limited number of cases, i cannot seem to find that case/PSU combo in particular on their website but it would seem that "Thermal Master" is similar to HAF and just an identifier for a family of case/PSU combos.
  2. hunter315 said:
    It would appear that "Thermal Master" is a tag they slapped onto a very limited number of cases, i cannot seem to find that case/PSU combo in particular on their website but it would seem that "Thermal Master" is similar to HAF and just an identifier for a family of case/PSU combos.

    Fair enough.
    But where can I find more information about this "Thermal Master"?
    The sales rep at Canada Computers wasn't very helpful.
  3. The Thermal Master is just the included PSU It's what coolermaster "Brands" Their included psu's with. As for Canada Computers. The one in mississauga was hit and miss for me. Some guys are just there for a job and others actually have a strong interest in computers
  4. Its not the sales rep's fault, Cooler Master actually doesnt have the case you saw at canadacomputers listed as a thermal master listed on their website as such, im not even positive which of their cases it is, i couldnt find any with a lower fan grill similar to that. The information on Thermal Master is very lacking, im not sure if they are starting up that series or if it has died off mostly. Perhaps someone else here can shed some more light on it, but i found very little related to it unfortunately.
  5. I was thinking along the lines that Thermal Master was a knock off of Cooler Master.
    Or maybe you're right hunter315, that Thermal Master was a startup subsidiary of Cooler Master that quickly died off.
  6. Is that a 420W unit with a 16A 12V rail? Thats just sad, but if its the name on the PSUs that they can only stick into the combo systems that expains why i couldnt find much on it, they likely cannot sell a unit like that without bolting it into the case people want.
  7. I went to Canada Computer again yesterday and the sales rep showed me the same case that somebody just returned.
    The customer complained that the space between the power source and the DVD burner was so tight that plugging in the power and SATA connectors for the drive was near impossible.
    And at only 350 mm in depth (that's 13.77 inches for you Americans), it's no wonder. In terms of depth, it was the shortest case I've ever seen.
    As a "bonus" though, it boasts a 347 mm video card length. But how does it achieve this? Two hard drives are mounted vertically sideways, out of the way of the graphics card.

    You get what you pay for I guess.
  8. Due to space limitation on my desk I found this case at PC village and had the entire works except PSU moved from my 2 year old no name case to this one for 40 dollars plus purchase a 120mm tricool fan.

    Paul at the Scarborough location had no difficulty in plugging in my 2 sata DVD and installing ATX case. It took him an hour to do the job. He will be quicker the next time!

    For me it has been a boon. It fits into my desk beautifully.

    There is space for only 2 hard disks which are installed vertically close to the left cover. Therefore the entire length of case can accomodate a long video card. You have to look at the inside of the case to appreciate the unique design.

    The cooling options are also excellent.

    Do not judge this case by the price.

    The designer of this case was "thinking out of the box" and deserves a pat on the back
  9. I was told by PC village that the problem some may have experienced with DVD installation is due to the fact the OLD DVDs drives are longer than the newer model.
  10. I have to agree with Grandfather of twins. At first glance, it's a cheap budget case. Even for a budget case, the metal thickness is non-existant. The included PSU was just an afterthought.

    However, the case utilizes some clever designs. The hard drives mount sideways, giving room for longer cards. I'm unsure of the exact space but I've got two 5830s in CrossFire in this tiny thing. On top of that, it's got 4 120mm fan mounts; two at the front, one at the bottom and one at the back of the case.

    I've installed an OCZ 700W ModXStream and the space between the DVD drive and the PSU is definitely tight but it's doable. That said, not all PSUs will fit. My PCNPC 910W -barely- fit and I couldn't put in a DVD drive.

    It's a tight fit for sure but everything does fit. Whoever the designer of this case was definitely spent some time on getting everything right with the limitations in mind.
  11. bgcrew said: is now advertising it with a 500W power supply. is this the same as the 420 watt unit just with poor labeling or did they just decide to add a more powerful unit?

    This must be the PSU:

  12. just purchased the package......we shall see what happens when it all comes together in June..
  13. ko888 said:

    No PFC and only 20A on the 12V rail...what a POS.
  14. I have this case myself. I would say that the PSU is very low quality and I would advise to get something else. Also there are some space limitations. If you want to add all kinds of stuff to system then this case may not be the best choice. For me, I specifically chose a motherboard with the on board graphics that was good enough for me so I will not be adding any graphics cards. I wanted to keep the heat down and the fan level noise down.

    One of the problems I ran into when installing my DVDROM was, the SATA plugs were to close to the memory to place the DVDROM in the second postion from the bottom (which is where i wanted it and where i tried to install it). There is no room for your plug in this position or the first (bottom) if you choose a motherboard with a similar lay out as mine. What this means is that, I don't really have 4 Drive bays, I only really have 2.

    HOWEVER.......I actually wanted to stay away from clutter in this system, as my last system had so many components it made me go cross-eyed from time to time.

    After all this, I am very happy with this tower because of what i wanted out of this tower. Having to move my DVDROM was a little annoying but in the end I can say that I am happy with it, especially because it was a return item at fry's and i got an additional 10% off the original price. hahaha.

    So if you purchase one of these, change the PSU and just know that space is limited. :)


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