How to Increase Ram Speed

I bought this new RAM for my PC.

G.Skill RipjawsX F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL.

It's supposed to run at a speed of 1600 MHz right? but CPU-Z shows me that my DRAM speed is only around 600+ MHz. How can I make that 1600 MHz? Or will it really matter if I set it up to 1600 MHz? I mean, is there a big difference?

Note: I'm running it on Single Channel only because when I try to place it on the blue slots or the black slots it won't run properly.

I tried to diagnose my new memory with windows memory diagnostic but it always fail at 21% in extended mode but during standard mode, it works fine. I searched google and there are a lot of same cases as me. It always fail at 21% extended mode but works fine during standard mode and there's nothing wrong with their RAM sticks.
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  1. How could anyone help you, you failed to mention what motherboard???!!

    If it's an Intel system you simply have to set the speed (667 to 800), timings and voltage manually (unless the mobo is limited to 1333 (667mhz) like mine).

    If it's an older AMD system you have to overclock to get to 1600mhz.

    If it's a brand new AMD system, I don't know I have no experience with these.
  2. Oh sorry. It's an ASUS P7P55D LE Motherboard and I'm using an Intel i7 processor. :)
  3. Check your manual for proper dual channel configuration, I'm sure your just not using the correct 2 slots.

    If your memory is running at 1333 (667x2) then you just need to change it to 1600 (800x2). Then also check the voltage and timings are correct according to the sticker on the ram.
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