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I'm trying to build a new setup for my HTPC. I'm buying the BenQ W1100 projector and a 5.1 sony home theater, not decided on the model yet.

The idea is to have a PC sending VIDEO to the Projector via HDMI cable, and audio to the HT via optical.

Question is, what are my choices of motherboard when it comes to Dolby TrueHD sound? I know I can buy a soundcard separately, but I'm wondering if Asus is already offering TrueHD in one of their new motherboards already.

This is my first HTPC by the way, so if you want to pitch in any ideas/suggestions, please do.

Thank you!

(this may not be in the right section... but since I didn't find a HTPC section, I'm leaving here in motherboards)
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  1. Hmm... I've just learned that all Radeon HD have TrueHD... that helps a lot.
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    Keep in mind that you can't pass Dolby TrueHD over optical. You must send it over HDMI. Optical will only get you standard DD.

    If possible, send your audio and video out to your HT via HDMI, then go from the HT to your projector (either HDMI or DVI). That's the only way to get Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-MA, to play.

    This is assuming your HT can handle HDMI and DTS-MA/DD TrueHD.
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