Asus P5Q Pro - Can you save different BIOS settings?

Does Asus P5Q Pro have save slots in BIOS where you can save and load for different settings from? I looked around but wasn't able to find anything resembling that.
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  1. I do not believe so. I have a P5Q Pro and really, with that board there isn't a need to toggle between various BIOS/Performance settings. Great board for overclocking but no, there isn't a 'Profiles" feature that I've found. I *think* there are "Performance" settings somewhere in the BIOS (most all boards have some sort of performance options) but, they don't save with changes.

    Your best bet is to just manually set what you're looking for and leave it. As I mentioned, with a config running with a P5Q board, you're not likely doing anything too extensive where multiple BIOS versions will help.

    If you just want to backup your BIOS though, there is a setting to save your current BIOS to a flash drive in the same menu used for flashing new BIOS.
  2. Hi thanks for reply. I was bit unclear, what I ment was slots where you can save your OWN different profiles.

    I also found that under tools after bit more searching :whistle:
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