Worth buying nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX?

The purpuse is to get a graphics card that is able to play Counter Strike Source and Unreal Tournament 2004 with 1280x1024 on max settings. I am able to play, however I don't wanna play on 800x600 with everything on the lowest setting just to get 30-45fps like I get now.


1) Would it be worth it buying the nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX?

2) Since my current graphics card is an integrated one, I wonder if that has any effect on the performance and voltage requirements of a new graphics card?

3) Are there any other parts of my PC that should need an upgrade?

4) Any other graphics card thats cheaper and that gets the job done?

Current PC:

Motherboard: nVidia nForce 7100-630i (MCP73PV)
RAM Memory: 3 GB
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300
Graphics card: nVidia GeForce 7100 GS
1 PCIe x16 that is not being used


PS: Is PCI, PCIe and AGP the only thing to look for in motherboard compatibility with graphics cards?
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  1. No, it would not be worth it unless you're getting it for an insanely low price (like $25). That card is just way too old to pay too much money for.

    No. In most cases, an integrated graphic chip set is disabled once a discreet graphics card is detected.

    Newer, more powerful graphic cards may require you to upgrade your power supply. This all depends on what power supply you have now and what graphics card you're looking to get.

    Yes. PCI, PCI-E and AGP are the only types of graphic cards available these days, but since you have an available PCI-E graphics card slot, that is the type of card you should be looking for.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thank you Wolf

    Sinds I have a nVideo motherboard should I look for a nVideo card too? Or just look for PCIe cards?
  3. Just look for PCI-E cards. NVidia or ATI won't matter as far as your motherboard is concerned.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Just PCI-e, don't get a PCI-e 2.1 card (can cause problems), get a PCI-e 2.0 card.

    If you tell us your power supply (look at the sticker and tell us the amps and rails) and we can tell you if you should upgrade it or not.

    Also what are you looking to spend?
  5. Ok

    Powersupply: 220-240v-/3.15A (47-63Hz)

    I'm looking to spend a maximum of 75€ thats 101$ according to google.
  6. Had one of those until recently :) Plays all the games you mention at far higher resolutions than 1280x1024 at near lunatic framerates-Even Doom 3 flew at 1600x1200.
    But, as has been said, it's an old card, so do n't pay too much for it, even though it's plenty for your current needs,
    Depending on budget I'd be more tempted to look at the HD4670, HD5670 or GT240: They need less power (the 7800 needs an extra power lead, they do not) they tend to run cooler and are more compact, so they'll fit even a small case, but if the PSU has a tiny output even they may be too much so please reply to Helltech, we really need that info.
  7. Open the system case and read the rating label that should be stuck to the PSU, although the numbers given indicate a fairly strong unit they are just the input voltage and current, we need the output, particularly on the +12 volt line or lines.
  8. The GT240 is a very expensive card for what you get in return. It is only for those who have weak power supplies and have certain physical requirements such as not having a connector ect. If you want to go rock bottom and be safe with that unit then a 5450 or a 5550 will be ok while a 5670 is an expensive card will still be a great choice when it comes to power.
  9. I say 5670. It's faster than that old 7800GTX. If you want to be cheaper then you're looking at either a GT240, a 5570 or a 4670.
  10. gt240 is cheap, (as low as $60 in australia) and will be much better than 7800gtx. There is a ddr3 and ddr5 version, the ddr3 versions will go cheaper, but are a bit slower. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5550-radeon-hd-5570-gddr5,2704-9.html a 5670 would be faster but more expensive. a 5570 ddr5 is also a good alternative. any of the cards i have mentioned will be able to max the games you mentioned at your resolution
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