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I have windows 7 and have been having a problem where my computer randomly completely disables my wireless card (to the point where the device manager doesn't even recognize that my computer has a wireless card). I tried the easy fix - go into device manager when the card is working and click the box so that the computer won't turn the card off to save power and for a while I had no problems, but then all the sudden the card started turning it self off a lot again. This usually happened when the computer came out of sleep or hibernation so I disabled sleep and hibernation and now the problem just seems to happen all the time. The only way I know to fix it is to restart my computer over and over again until the card happens to turn on one of those times. Any suggestions how to restart the card when my laptop turned it off (when I press the button on the front it will change the icon on the desktop to show that the button has been pushed but device manager still acts like I don't have a network card!)
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  1. Sorry to be vague in the last sentence, the button I am refering to is the ont that turns on/off the wireless card. One other thing is that when I press this button and 'turn off the card' the internet connection is lost but device manager still shows that i have a wireless card. The way I see it, this button starts and stops by wireless card from transmitting but my computer knows it has the card whether or not is it transmitting. The problem is when my computer turns off the card, cause then my computer completely thinks it has no wireless card. When I try to troubleshoot it will just tell me to plug in an ethernet cord because it is unaware that it has a wireless card.
    Here are my specs:
    Window OS 7
    Intel i5 x64
    Graphics: Intel (R) Graphics Media Accelator HD & NVIDA GeForce 31M
    Network adapters: Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Ethernet Controller & Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN card

    Thanks again!
  2. So today it turned it self off again and went into the WIFI drivers folder for windows 7 S64, the picked 'iProdifx' which is some sort of driver and it said it was going to install something and it turned my wireless card back on, but now when I look at network adapters in device manager it lists the card as 'Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN #2'... do you think thats a problem??? I had a screen shot I was going to add but I don't know how (or if it is possible) to attach a picture to a post.Thanks!
  3. I have the same problem with an ASUS notebook after it goes into hibernation.

    The computer tells me there is no connection, or the wifi button is turned off, or the cable is unplugged.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, disabling and enabling and ipconfig/release and /renew.

    The driver is the latest since I had this problem a 2 months ago when my son put the computer in hibernate. I had to take it to a shop. They say they just reinstalled the driver.

    However this is not working now. (My son put the computer into hibernate again!)

    Feels like I am going in circles with this problem and I haven't been able to find a solution to get the connection up a running again.

    I'm hoping someone here has a clue? Thanks.
  4. @lewarner

    In Device Manager, check the Properties of the wireless adapter -- if there is a power saving option disable that. Will shorten battery life so be prepared to turn wireless off manually when necessary.
  5. Yeah, I tried that. At this point we think it is possibly a hardware issue so the company is supposed to send someone here to work on it
  6. That works to partially prevent it happening again. Except if my son decides to use hibernate on the shut down menu again!

    Fortunately, mine fixed itself when I left the computer alone for half an hour. Though windows troubleshooter could not fix it, somewhere in the computer it must have worked on the problem.

    It really bugs me to not be able to effect a solution myself, or to understand what is wrong. Unfortunately every time this happens, it seems to take longer for the computer to fix it.

    I don't understand enough about networking to fix these matters myself. I have not been able to find a fix anywhere on the internet other than trying to prevent it from happening by not using the hibernate feature.
  7. Yeah, that has been my experience. I have been trying to work through this for the past month, initially it was only a problem with the computer hibernates, as time progressed it became a problem even when the computer was not hibernating. The time when the wireless card is actually working has gradually decreased to its current level over the weekend where the card has not work even once. I've taken to plugging the computer in to ethernet when at home and using my phone as a modem when I'm not home. I don't honestly know what the problem is but I'll let everyone know if replacing the network card makes any difference later this week
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