ATI Radeon hd 5570

Hi i just bought a desktop with this graphics card already installed. I want to know if anyone else has used this card and how it performs. I am going to be upgrading but not for a few months.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Performs at what and at what resolution?

    It's a pretty weak card, not really for gaming at ALL. It's on par with a 4670 and slower than the old 8800GTS 320mb.
    I would recommend a 5670 as an absolute minimum with 5770 being even better.

    Your capable of reading benchmarks right?,2487.html

    Read this:,2857.html
  3. This is a good deal for $70 after rebate. This is as fast as TWO 5570's.,2487.html?prod[4605]=on&prod[4583]=on

    This is a comparison of HD4850 512mb vs. TWO 5570 1gb cards.

    Keep in mind the card I recommended above for $70 after rebate is a 1gb card, not a 512mb card. It also has a lifetime warranty, just make sure you have a quality 400w psu or a cheap 450w.
  4. Oh thanks for your help i'll hold off from playing games untill i get my new card then.
  5. What is as good as 2 5570's
  6. THe HD4850 1GB I linked above for $70 after rebate.

    Hey I didn't say you CAN'T play games with the 5570, just that you would have to play at a low resolution with low settings.

    What resolution is your monitor?
  7. The card you recommend is in the 4000's and mine is in 5000's and i can clearly see your recomendation is better. Why?
  8. My res is 1920x1080
  9. I got enough money to buy the Nvidia Geforce GTX 460. Would i be able to play at high quality with this?
  10. Quote:
    The card you recommend is in the 4000's and mine is in 5000's and i can clearly see your recomendation is better. Why?

    The higher number doesnt mean anything. Just a different generation part. Some of the 5000's are faster than a lot of the 6000's. The 5970 is still the king of the hill.
  11. The GTX460 is an even better choice than the 5770, and for that resolution, the minimum I would recommend you. Just make sure you get the 1gb model, not the 768mb model.

    You will be able to play MOST games at high settings.
  12. You say MOST so can any graphics card play all games at high settings
  13. Also the 460 which im going to get is 6th on the list and it can only play MOST :S
  14. a gtx580 can play all games at high settings but its expensive
    a gtx460 will be able to play all games at high settings at your resolution, apart from metro2033 and crysis which are pigs of games.
  15. Thanks for explaining. I think i'll stick with the 460
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