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Hey guys I just bought a new computer, and I am really worried about the Stock heatsink that came with my Phenom II 955. It is really loud and the idle temperatures of my computer are 51-56degrees celsius... I have heard that the normal idle temperature should be around 35 degrees. Does anybody know whats wrong? I need help fast.
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  1. How hot is your room temperature?
  2. eleet2112 said:
    Hey guys I just bought a new computer, and I am really worried about the Stock heatsink that came with my Phenom II 955. It is really loud and the idle temperatures of my computer are 51-56degrees celsius... I have heard that the normal idle temperature should be around 35 degrees. Does anybody know whats wrong? I need help fast.

    Was the computer assembled? It's possible that during shipping the heatsink was jarred loose. It could be rubbing a cable which can make lots of noise. If purchased from a store take it to them if you're not sure what you're doing.
  3. I to have just bought the same cpu and had similar issues. I only had the noise when playing games. Presumably from the cpu being on high load. I felt it was a cooling issue and purchased a number of additional fans which now keep the temp at 30 degrees even playing games. It is now quiet and heatsink doesnt scream at you! Id suggest looking into thia.
  4. Could it be the thermal paste not having good contact with the processor and heatsink? Should I try to remove the stock thermal paste and put in another one?
  5. First of all, what is your room temperature? You can't expect to keep it at 30 degrees if your room temperature is above that.
    Second, what case do you have and where do you keep it, meaning is it ventilated and does it have good airflow?
    Stock thermal pase is good enough, I have the same CPU and never had any problems with temperatures...
  6. I have a CoolerMaster 430 Case and its on top of my desk, there is plenty of space around it. It has 2 fans installed. My room temperature is 27 degrees. I think that during instalation the stock thermal compound got messed up a little. Maybe that could be it. Also should I replace the thermal paste with a Cooler master HTK-002?
  7. I just cleaned the old thermal paste and applied a new one. The temp is the same 51 degrees at idle and 62 while playing Just cause 2. I should get the CM 212 Hyper +. Meanwhile is it safe to play at these temperatures, the max i saw it go is 63 degrees.
  8. What are your volts?

    Dropping volts = lower temps
  9. Where can I see that? I have the AMD Overdrive thing I can post some screenshots
  10. Anyone have ideas what could be wrong? Could the CPU itself be corrupted or something?
  11. We need an overall idea of your system components --- and really need to know your motherboard.

    Have you made any changes to your system BIOS ??

    There is nothing wrong with your PhII 955BE but from the looks of your screen shots someone has really messed with your set-up.

    Your volts are WAY too high at idle, and also too high at stock clocks. Stock voltage is in the 1.325v range --- at idle (800MHz) your volts should be 1.0v or less.

    1.4v is an 'over-clocking level' which is typical of a clock-speed approaching 4GHz in current chips.

    I would advise 'starting over' by re-setting your system to optimized defaults, but this in itself has its own specific hurdles -- primarily with your boot sequence and HDD setup.

    Are you familiar with the boot sequence and HDD setup?

    Do you know how to reset your CMOS?
  12. Motherboard is Gigabyte 990XA-UD3
    I havent made any changes in BIOS,and have no idea what to do with CMOS thing u said... If there is any guide for this please send it to me.
  13. I went in BIOS and saw this:
    Vcore 1.392V
    DDR3 1.5V 1.488V
    +3.3V 3.344V
    +12V 12.048V
    Sys temp 45 degrees
    CPU temp 44 degrees
    Fan speed: 6818 RPM

    while on the AMD Overdrive utility the voltage and core speed constantly changes core(800mhz-3200mhz) and voltage (1.025V-1.4V) while the temperatures are 51-56 degrees on idle...
  14. Gigabyte motherboards tend to over-volt with settings on 'Auto' but I am hesitant to take you through any revisions to your BIOS. I suggest you use the Clock/Voltage menu in AMD OverDrive.

    First thing to do in AOD: Move the PCIe slider and drop PCIe speed to 100MHz (there is also a setting in the BIOS which allows you to lock the PCIe to 100MHz). There is little to no benefit in raising the PCIe speed above 100MHz.

    Drop your CPU VID from 1.4v to 1.35v. The slider essentially moves in 0.0125v increments so get as close to 1.35v as you can and click 'Apply'.

    Choose the Stability Test menu, select all, run the test and monitor your temps. I would recommend removing the 'Automatic' settings on your fan control and manually setting your fan speeds (dependent upon temps) to control the RPMs and reduce noise.

    It would not be uncommon for you to further reduce your CPU volts (with the result being lower temps and subsequent lower fan speeds). Remember that stock volts are generally considered in the 1.325v range so you have room to drop even further if you so choose. Just be sure to run the stability test and monitor your temps and fan speeds as you take your volts lower.

    I would not be surprised if you ultimately 'under-volted' to a CPU VID level 1.275v to 1.2825v or less in you want to 'go there'. This should drop your temps at idle generally in the 27c range with load temps around 42c.

    This would also drop your total watt load 'at-the-wall' for the system as much as 25%.

    Somewhere in AOD there is a check-box to make your changes permanent.

    Good luck -- let us know how it goes.
  15. Okay, so I did as you said,changed the voltage settings and ran the stability test. I ran the test for 5 minutes and monitored each voltage setting.
    With 1.35v the temps went to 68 degrees. With the 1.275v they were 65.5 degrees. And with the 1.2825v - 66 degrees.
    I guess this means that the stock cooler I have is really crappy...
    Should I get the Hyper 212+?
    Also I couldn't change the fan speed, probably because the motherboard doesn't let me because the CPU is too hot...
  16. You have issues that a new cooler will not fix.

    Either your BIOS is somehow corrupted and requires resetting (or updating), or your CPU HSF is not mounted properly.

    Why are you not discussing this with the person who built your computer?
  17. I bought the parts myself, its my first build...
    Anyways, somehow it is better now temps are 48 idle and 56-58 load and the fan is quieter... But everytime i power on the computer I have to go to the AMD Overdrive and set the voltage again.
    I have this utility which came with the motherboard its called @Bios it allows you to update the bios, should I run that maybe?
  18. Just change it in the bios and save it.
  19. Okay I finally sorted it out!! I guess the intruder here was the AMD OverDrive Utillity, maybe it wasnt compatible with my motherboard or something... I uninstalled it, went to BIOS and changed the voltage and I also checked the PC Health in BIOS it said System temp 42C and CPU temp 39C. Also i downloaded the coretemp utility and here is what it showed:

    I guess this thread is solved, thanks for your effort and your time :))
  20. Though updating the BIOS from within Windows is generally safe it is not the preferred method. The @BIOS utility should be fine BUT remember to always save your old and follow each instruction carefully when updating.

    I would recommend using HWMonitor and CPUz since you are having issues with AOD.

    Your temps still look to be a touch high so you should check your CPU voltage and consider another possible bump downward.

    Or ... you could purchase the CM Hyper 212 (there are others available which may be less expensive) and start working the CPU multiplier upward while tweaking your volts - LOL - that's why you got the Black Edition, right?

    Within the BIOS you should be able to adjust your RPMs by using the SmartFan settings; and most importantly ...

    READ and understand your motherboard manual -- concentrate on the BIOS information -- and venture over to the AMD forum if you have any questions!
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