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I realize that determining the "best" card can be somewhat iffy, but I cant seem to find anything AGP that can beat the GeForce 6800 Ultra. Is there anything anyone can recommned/find for a decent price that can beat this? Generally, it seems that these dont go any higher than around 30 bucks on ebay, and sicne AGP is so slow, it doesnt seem to be worth it to spend any more than this. I found a 3650 and 4350 on new egg, but those both suck, and ratings indicate the 6800 Ultra is better (the ultra is the best version right?). Theres also a 4650 for AGP, but thats 80 dollars and totally not worth it, and only seems marginally better. The machine im upgrading is a dimension 8400; most of these machines have a pci-e slots, so Im assuming that hte AGP version is probably 8x right?

Thanks for any tips.
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  1. I'd say hassle free the best is the 7800GS which is rare but a little faster than the 6800 Ultra, and faster than that are the unofficial X1900 and 7900 AGP cards, though the nVidia cards are better supported you often had to rely on the Omega Drivers for the X1900 cards as they use separate drivers than the ones that support the 3000 on up AGP cards. Then came the AGP 3850 which was faster still but short lived, and finally the 4670 which generally slightly faster and uses less power than the 3850. A 4670 is the best you can do. It will easily beat the 6800 Ultra, but it requires the AGP Hotfix drivers which can be a bit of a pain.

    What kind of CPU do you have anyway? If you have something like a P4 3.0C then a 4670 or 3850 AGP is complete overkill as they will be greatly CPU limited.
  2. I completely agree with megamanx00. The 4670 is your best choice. However, your new hassle is actually finding one. As these cards are no longer in production, you'll have to go on Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist to find one. Good hunting :D
  3. Oh thank you, I completely forgot about the 7800GS. I have a P4 3.4GHz, what does that mean for praphics. Also, Im great at finding good deals, but how much is that 4670 going to cost?

    Edit: Yea thx, The 4670 and 4650 are really out of a reasonable price range, Ill probably go with the 6800 ultra or 7800 gs dpending on pricing, thx a bunch. What is it you were saying about CPU?
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