Help me find a heatsink that will fit my case? (THERMALTAKE V3)

Hey guys,
I'm VERY Frustrated at this point.
and quite annoyed.

I did not expect this, as this is my first time building.

Is this common for my CPU?

I have AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black edition with the stock fan.

I don't know if this could be my fans replaced on the wrong side creating sucking in air instead of letting go? I do not know.. I just faced the side with the company label toward the outside of the case.

Anyways I'm running 45-50 degrees IDLE with this stock fan. With the fan spinning at 6750 RPM CONSTANTLY. Sometime it goes down to 4000~5000. It sounds like a jet engine I was not able to even hear my toilet flush, bathroom next door. At the point I'm not even starting to play games yet because it is so loud/hot on IDLE. could this be AMD's problem with stock fans? I've seen posts with loud heatsink and RPM. Btw this is the 955 not 965.

Anyways I'm looking for a CPU fan, at first I thought I could handle the sound but it's driving me insane. My budget is not over $50, I'm looking for a QUIET yet EFFICIENT CPU cooler as I will be overclocking in the future. I heard the COOLER MASTER HYPER 212 is a good purchase, (Don't know if it is good for overclocking and quietness) but I do not know if it will fit my case. (Thermaltake v3 black edition) . Anyways tell me your suggestions that will FIT my case and is QUIET/POWERFUL.

If you want more spec here is HWMONITOR for my PC.. Be surprised.

At this point I don't even want to turn on the PC. SO LOUD and I have messed around with BIOS a bit and I had a option to turn down the CPU fan levels, changing it doesn't really do anything. is my BIOs broken or is the stock fan that bad? My BIOS let me either run 100% fan or I was able to adjust the fan speed by levels.

Thank you and I can't wait for your suggestion!
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  1. 1) Are you certain that you have mounted your stock cooler well?
    Is it loose which will cause inefficient cooling?
    did you use too much or too little grease?

    2) Are there some fan speed control settings in your bios? It seems like it is going full blast for no reason.

    3) An aftermarket cooler is always a good idea. One with a slow turning 120mm fan will keep your cpu cooler and quieter. Helpful for OC too.
    I suggest the Xigmatek gaia for $30:
    It is a typical 160mm tall, and should not be any problem in your case which is 190mm wide. Measure to verify yourself.
    You can pay more, but you will get marginal improvements for the dollar. Not much worth it.

    4) Check that your fans are all blowing in the right direction. Intake low and front, exhaust high and back.
    Dangle a piece of tissue in front of each to see which way it moves.
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