Gts 450 or 5770

Heres the deal, i want to get a great gpu that is gonna be a good amatch for my system. Im not sure what card to get tho! Which is better Gts 450 or the Ati 5770? and why? Which would you reccomend? Im i planing to keep my pc for at least another 3 years. I am actually looking for a cheaper card mabey around 130$ i found this card that i think would be great what do you think?
I never owned ati so im kinda new i dont know which one to pick!
Which card is better for me?!
My system specs:
Q8200 2.33ghz
6bg ram
i have to replace my 9500 gs :(
(if you need anything else let me know!)
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  1. GTS 450 performs between HD 5750 and 5770, so 5770 is faster.
  2. There are some highly OC'd GTS450s that get close to the 5770, but the 5770 remains on top. You could also OC the 5770 to get even faster numbers. Pure performance is a win for the 5770. The GTS450 is usually cheaper however, and does support CUDA if you play any of the games that can take advantage of that. (Basically Batman:AA, Cryostasis, and Mirrors Edge.) The OC'd editions aren't that much slower as to cause you to have to lower details as well. I usually suggest to people to get the cheaper of the 5770 or the OC'd GTS450.
  3. CUDA is for GPUGPU stuff (i.e Adobe Premiere) ... PhysX is for Batman, Cryostais, Mafia II, etc

    The 450 is in a lower price segment,2857-3.html

    The 5770 is between the 450 and 460 in both price and performance.
    "So here’s the deal. For the most part, Nvidia’s GeForce GTS 450 does what the company says it’s supposed to. It generally lands in between the Radeon HD 5770 and 5750 performance-wise. "
  5. There you go, the guys above gave you the answer. Now we need to verify that your PSU can power the cards. Please post your PSU model, brand or link to the exact model and brand that you have inside. If you do not know that, open the case and write what is on the side of the PSU(power supply).
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