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My 2007 black friday sony vaio model vgn nr120e has weak display on monitor. The configuration is intel pentium t2310, 2gb, 120gb, intel gm965 display with windows 7 64 bit. Laptop screen has perfect display but when I connect it to the monitor there are faint lines going across the screen. I do not mind them, but they are more visible when on a white background (example: Google). My 2010 dell laptop with intel hd has really good display on monitor with sharper colors and no lines. Is my video weak or driver/windows problem.
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  1. If you're using a vga cable (usually blue, looks like a curved trapezoid) it sounds like the cable could be bad, or your connection could be bad. Probably not a Windows problem, but you could try updating the drivers to see what that does.
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