How long will this PSU last me?

Compucase Altis 550wats.

It came in the pre-built I ordered(getting it tomorrow).

How will this do with a GTX 460 OC and an i5 2310?
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  1. Would you mind linking your computer you ordered?

    Most of the time for prebuilts, while they are over priced... it will prob work with the parts.

    Just don't try to upgrade that thing at all without getting a good PSU.

    Next time ask before not after you buy something....
  2. MSi GTX 460 OC
    1TB Seagate HDD 7200RPM
    Gigabyte GZ-X8 Case
    Kingston 4GB DDR3 1060MHZ
    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2V-B3 mATX Board
    Intel Core i5 2310 2.9GHZ Quad Core
    Sony Optiarc DVD-/+R/RW SATA2
    Compucase Altis 550w PSU

    By the way, I picked this up because it was the better deal, my other option was a 460 with an X4 955, for 50$$ MORE.

    I just want to know that this system will run just fine when I play all the latest games on high settings. :)
  3. If they only gave you a few options for your parts it prob will run...

    Do you have a REAL link to the computer?
  4. That power supply is crap and will probably last you only a very short time. Its efficiency is low (according to specs... low 70s) and rating on 12v rail is similar to a 300-400watt unit.

    At least grab an antec ea430d or corsair cx430v2 if you're on a low budget... hell even an antec ea380d would work.

    I wouldnt try that power supply at all...
  5. MadArthur said:

    Oh I thought it was via dell or HP or w/e ... ya... that PSU is pretty bad
  6. A warranty on the actual PC will cover anything going wrong with the PSU, right?
  7. yes as long as you dont oc the cpu your warranty will be intact...
    if you buy a prebuild. never open the case always take it to a recommended vendor for repairs if your supplier recommends it rather than send it back to them. as they will use any excuse to claim a void warranty 1s the system is payed for in full.
  8. Well I am happy. Talked to the vendor just now, and they said the warranty applies for every part of the PC, not the PC as a whole. So if I want to change the PSU, I can do so freely, and the warranty will still apply for the rest of the components. Will change the PSU in a few weeks, will this one last me that long?
  9. if the vendor prebuilt it for you then every part most likely has a manufacturer warranty already in place. (if it was such a mass produced product like dell, hp etc then warranty is for the whole comp~ someone might want to clarify).

    To your question of how long it will last, it could be a minute , 1 hour, 1 week. We don't know. Avoid anything that's going to stress your graphics card and power supply such as heavy gaming or FAH etc till you get a new power supply that won't explode and kill your computer parts.

    A good quality PSU should be from a reputable company such as Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, Antec, some ocz and thermaltake models (they vary, check reviews).

    If on a budget, corsair cx430v2 or antec ea 430d will work.
    If its around $60-80 then look for antec hcg520 , xfx 550, corsair cx500v2, etc etc

    If i were you, i'd just grab a quality 450-500watt psu from one of these companies and call it a day since you're not going to overclock at all considering that build.
  10. Looking around on google it seems that power supply is garbage. I quote from a person on another tech forum
    Those units are based FSP Epsilon design. They are known to have ripple issues at around 600w. It is not worth getting the 700w unit since you don't want to run that PSU under such heavy loads.
    . So ya this is one of OCZ's crappier power supplies (hence why i say look around for reviews for individual units...)

    From your website, i found a corsair cx500w v2 unit which is an excellent unit of good quality and build.

    Here's a antec ea430d that i found on that website too...

    And i found a seasonic m12 700w if you want to go completely overboard with high quality and efficiency lol...

    Yap! I'd take the cx500w v2 or antec ea430d if i were you.
  11. That thermaltake unit is a good unit from one of the better TT psu lines. iirc jonnyguru gave its brother's high praise in their reviews and this one got some good reviews of it's own as well.

    Personally that unit is ok although i do prefer corsairs tx/hx units.... but yap thats a good unit. Go buy it.
  12. That's going to have to wait a week or two. Although I don't think that this one is going to die all that fast. Compucase isn't really known worldwide, and locally it's conisdered a good PSU, have seen it in quite a few PCs here.
  13. Quote:
    Compucase isn't really known worldwide

    usually...there is a reason that they aren't and names such as Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, and XFX always evokes images of high performing computer parts that work and work and work and work (most of the time).

    Anyways, i'm going to bed. What might be considered good locally can be considered trash globally especially with each brand attempting to one up each other be it rail stability , high efficiency etc. All of which ends up cheaper and better than anything that came before it. It's like comparing coolermaster psu's and seasonic psu's. Coolermaster may be considered really good locally but the superior seasonic is less known but beats it in every possible way by a large margin.

    Anyways, that TT toughpower will serve you well. now.... time to :sleep: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: ;)
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