PC freezing/restarting - trying to install operation system

Hi everyone. Im in big trouble so hope some1 can help me.

My conf:

Intel Core2Duo E4500 2.2Ghz
MSI P35 Neo Combo
2x1Gb RAM Memory
Gainward gForce 8500Gt (256mb)
WD 1TB HDD (just bought this one, cuz i thought the problem was the hdd, but not. Nothing changed).
450w blueberry power supply

The story:

I was very satisfied with my pc, till once it started to sometimes give bsod's while doing something on it, and never found the thing causing it since then. Now, after more than a year since it began to do that, it started to bsod and just restart itself way more frequently. So i decided to do a cleanup in the case. I removed the dust, and also wanted to reinstall the whole pc, so when i got into the win7 setup, it's always freezing somewhere. The most frequent points are: clicking format button (format hdd), or if sometimes I have luck and it gets formatted, then second point is when trying to copy the files from the dvd disc, and third, when at task "completing installation". I can't install the operattion system. Today i had very much luck and somehow it didnt freezed but as soon as i got into the desktop, and tried to open computer, it just freezed. This is driving me crazy...

What i tried so far:
Memtest is fine, tried with just one ram stick, but nothing.
Replaced hdd. Not helped.
Reconnected all cables a few times. Put out the cpu from th motherb. and back in.
Tried with win xp, and ubuntu. Same.
All temperatures are ok for sure.
Bios is fine I'd say. I never changed anything in it since i bought the pc. Loaded default bios settings too.
tried to put the hdd sata cable into another connector on the mainboard.

So what to do? Any idea? Could it be the sata cable (hdd - mainb.) or maybe the power supply? Most of times i have to wait much to happen something, and the hdd Led is on while waiting. With the old hdd i can even hear some weird noise, like it's trying to do something but tries again and again (repeating knocking noise). But no real changes with the new hdd...please, if anyone could help, or suggest somethhing, i would be grateful.

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  1. I had a problem like this when I tried to install windows try with just one stick of ram then try the other to test if one of the sticks is bad

    Edit: sorry didn't read it Thoroughly might be a bad mobo I sent bad a mobo with the same problems and it turned out bad but also I had bad ram to so 2 times the hassle try out some other ram sticks to see if it is a mobo issue
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