Is 750W enough for this system?

I am looking to update my video cards and was wondering if the 750w Corsair HX750 psu I have is enough to run them on my current system. The cards I would like to get are: 2X XFX 6950's 2G versons

Here is the rest of my system info as it is with out the cards
-PhenomII 955
-G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB 4X2GB
-Corsair Storage Solutions F180 SSD 2X in RAID0
-Fans are
3X 250mm
2X 120mm
1X 140mm
-LG GH22N (optical drive)
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    Yep, it's good.
  2. Thanks...tho it's a bit late already got one card ready to order the 2d :D
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