Pls help me get my video card working

hey guys i recently purchased a hd 6950 gpu card and i am trying to install them on my 890 gx extreme 3 mobo and i cannot get it to work here are the steps i have taken to install this card

ok so i started with a total driver uninstall on the computer then i went in to devices and disabled the onboard gpu then i shut down and rebooted to make sure im going off of the vga standard

then i did another reboot to run bios and i went into chipset settings and disabled surround setting which gives me the option to choose defalt graphics device which i set to pcie

then i installed the card and boot up again run os and make sure its on standard vga still through the card then i installed the drivers and ive done this step both with drivers off the internet and with drivers from the disk in both situations when i finish installing it promts for a reboot and i tell it yes then after reboot all is fine for about 2-3 min then my computer crashes and will no longer start up

thanks for any advice and pls post as much as possible thanks for the help guys
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  1. Is you CPU or RAM OCed? if so, try it without the OC, if not, I would RMA.
  2. no i am not oced at all anyone else think i should rma?
  3. What is your PSU, and do you have another computer with a PCI-E slot?
  4. i have corsair professinal 850 watt and no i dont have another computer this is my first build im getting a code each time that says
    " 2A initalizes different devices trough dim"
    "2C initializes different devices. detects and initiializes the video adapter installed in the system that have optional roms"
  5. make sure that you do not have you IGP driver installed or your IGP enabled. Make sure that all of your old drivers are gone. Try uninstalling, and them re-installing drivers. Do you have a friend that has a computer that you can test the card in? Download Driversweeper, and sweep all the DIPLAY DRIVERS ONLY in safe mode. If none of that works, RMA. The error message sounds like it is detecting another card.
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