Motherboard not powering on

I went to build a decent pc,,, with these configs

Intel DP67BA
Intel core i5 2500k
8 gb gskill sniper ram

I already had a 550 watt psu nnd an ati 5750

First i messed up the power start ,reset , LED etc pins,,didnt knew where to put which cable,
Well have connected 24 pin , 4 pin power connector,, PSU in working as i check on another PC,, connector cables are also nt faulty, The CPU is also fixed properly,,, but the motherboard isnt powering on.
I tried the entire to get it working,, IS THE MOTHERBOARD FAULTY??
Or has the startup pins gone out of work as first i connected wrong cables in wrong pins.

The motherboard STD BY led gets on ,, but neither the PSU nor the CPU fan starts.... please guys help ,, should i get a replacement???
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  1. Page 42 has your mobo pin-out double check your connections. It is possible to have a bad board. Just make sure as they may charge you if you RMA and it turns out to be good.
  2. Can there be a faulty CPU?? its also been ordered online along with the mobo,,, even the ram is also new ,, i dont have any other LGA 1155 to double check if RAM nd processor r working,,,!!
    Is the CMOS jumper anywhere related to the motherboard not powering on??

    One more thing that i had ordered this somedays ago,, nd i didnt knew this was ATX,, nnd my cabinet supported only micro ATX,,, so i had put on the CPU nnd RAM fr 5 days on the mobo without using it,,, wud it hav caused any damage??
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